My thoughts on the upcoming MMO Game: WildStar

This video is based on the “almost here!” game called WildStar. The video is pretty clean, so should be safe for the workplace and kids.

The game has a Teen Rating and should be considered carefully before you allow younger children to play it. Mostly, it’s a language issue when compared to other MMOs. It’s pretty cartooney and does not have a dark realistic appearance or true gore. You can probably use language filters to get around the frequent cursing. If your fine with MMOs in general and are concerned with language, then WildStar is fine with language filters from what I saw in open beta.

So…what caused this game to catch my eye? Well, it’s a bit reminiscent of looney toons in it’s “personality” with a dose of adult humor. I consider myself a rather clean person and normally do not seek out any sort of entertainment that is overtly rude when it comes to language and themes. Still, I want a game not geared at a child that is still fun with the option of not dealing with constant profane language. You can achieve this with WildStar in my opinion, just use the usual language filters and choose who you game with as you would any friend. With some consideration and thought.

What are some of the features of this game, anyways? Oh..where does one start?! To take directly from the game website’s latest promotional video :

“WildStar, a deep, sprawling space adventure set on the mysterious planet Nexus. This isn’t just another sci-fi MMO with pretty colors. It’s a completely new frontier. Know what else? The game play is awesome. Plain and simple…

(It continues)…Double jump…epic battles…player housing …lots of customization (look, craft, fight, mounts)…battlegrounds, arenas, and war plots…the ability to level entirely through PVP. Into epic stories? Adventures, group choices, dungeons, and epic raids…”seriously they’ll rip your face off..Hardcore.”

“It is full of mystery, adventure, and pure unadulterated awesome-sauce. the only thing missing is *you*.”

So, there you have it…most of that was straight from their own video with a few edits for space. want to see the video, just go to for the full dialogue.


Kri’s Not So Kurious Advice: A Bible Reading Tips Link For You :)

Kri’s Not So Kurious Advice: A Bible Reading Tips Link For You ๐Ÿ™‚

Sometimes the advice is already out there and I would like to share it, so if your looking for tips to help you in your daily bible reading, check out this post from

These can also apply to reading the book of Mormon or any other Scriptures.

Kri’s Not So Kurious Advice: Saving Money on Books

Books! I love to read. Sometimes I read true crime, fantasy, romance, and the concessional “why did I pick this again?”. If your an avid reader, you know the cost can quickly add up. Especially if your a FAMILY of avid readers, like mine. So, what is one way to save money? Well, I advise e-readers. You can use them on many phones and devices. You can download them for free on your computer or laptop. The options are many. Not only that, there are many sites, like Book Bub, that provide daily deals on a huge range of e-books for free or reduced. Most are no more then $0.99! Beats the $5-$15 on many new releases these days. So, Google you up an e-reader if you don’t already have one and start downloading the multitudes of free books out there ๐Ÿ™‚

My Review of the movie: Noah

My Review of the movie: Noah

I am sure you’ve seen plenty of slams against this movie. To be fair, I have one of my own. Just hear me out.

*Spoiler Alert!*

I watched the movie. It was actually quite good until 1/2 way through. I did not mind the “rock monsters” since there were “monsters” mentioned in the bible before the flood. Namely the offspring of angels and the “daughters of men” and they were usually considered evil and violent. It’s true the movie portrays them as angels that were punished by The Creator and not as the offspring of 2 races of beings, but it was not truly detracting by the over all message in the first 1/2.

What bothered me was the sudden homicidal craziness of Noah 1/2 way through. There was absolutely nothing indicated in the bible he felt this way towards anyone, much less his own family. I know they tried to use the Cainite Camp scene as the trigger, but it simply did not explain why he began being so hateful to EVERYONE, even those he loved. It kinda ruined it for me. Not strictly because the Bible was not followed completely (I’m fine with artistic leeway “hello, rock monsters”!). A movie is not going to shake my faith that I have built with personal study and Knowledge. If that was the case, Harry Potter would have won me over to practicing the art of magic LONG ago! However, the flow from Noah being one way (Firm in his beliefs that all life was sacred and needed protection) to a murderous man, much like the offspring of Cain, was not developed in a manner that made any sense. If I had watched this movie with no knowledge of the Bible, I would have still found it completely jarring and inconsistent with the rest of the movie.

I give the movie 5 stars up until Noah becomes another character entirely. After that, 2 stars. And only that many because it was still well acted and had a fascinating appearance.
Please share this so that all of your friends will know that the new Russell Crowe movie has NOTHING to do with the Biblical account of Noah and the Biblical flood. โ€” with Togi Simanjuntak and 6 others.

Book Review: The Mageri Series by Dannika Dark

I’ve always loved paranormal romance! The hard part is finding one that does not degrade very quickly into a very torrid sex scene in the first chapter. In fact, I’ve been looking for ones that can touch upon the sensuality of a sexually charged scene that does not feel the need to get pornographic about it. This is hard to find in a book geared towards adults these days. I find myself delving more and more into books geared for the ย “teen” ย audience.

Teen genre books can be a tough area for a well read person to get into. Not all authors have a mature writing style. It can be over simplified or “dumbed down”. As if the teen audience is lacking the ability to read well. I think this is depressing. I know plenty of teens with very good reading comprehension. They do not need dumbed down versions of adult books. For me, the “teen” designation should be because of the subject matter. Such as: How far does one go when writing a sex scene? How much violence should I add to this book if my target audience are going to be teenagers? Is the subject matter appropriate?

I also think the teen genre is an excellent opportunity to attract adult readers that want a great story while still having integrity and morality used in the writing style. One does not need to be vulgar to attract a mature and well read audience. So, what does this all have to do with the series I am currently reading? I am most happy to tell you…so follow along ๐Ÿ™‚

Dannika Dark has done an excellent job of writing a story line that is not only done well, but can get an idea across without being vulgar. Yes, there are some intense sexual tension on occasion, but it is done tastefully for the most part. You get some frank portrayals of what is going on that come across as pretty realistic without going so far that you feel you just picked up a horror or soft-porn novel.

While this series is not made for young children, I feel it is relatively safe for older teens and adults. In the end, as a parent, you should check things out for yourself if you are truly concerned if a writer is safe for your home. If you look through the book and decide it is not for you or your teen, that is your right and there is absolutely nothing wrong with your informed decision. Kudos to those who take the time to double check things of this nature.

As for the actual story in this series, I really hate giving out too many details. I want you to discover them for yourself. So, I will simply post the link you can find on amazon about the series:ย

Break week…over!

Perhaps others do this in some form or fashion. All i know is I needed it! Every 6 weeks of full home-school curriculum, we take a break. And by break, I mean we only do things that are necessary. They boys must do their 2 math assignments online, attend the Spanish class and the synergy class, and my own boys attend piano music and practice most days.

So, I’m just now finishing up our first *Break week*. I was bored most of it until about Thursday when our usual Thursday activities continued this week. This is the day I drive my Hubby to work (40 mins to get there) then back home. I try to fit in a few errands while I have the car, though i don’t have much time because I have to make sure the boys ate lunch and are ready to leave by 12:30pm to attend their synergy group. This ends at 3pm and we go straight to Spanish class 1 hour away. The price is worth is and its only a little further north then my hubby’s work, so it’s actually convenient considering I have to pick him up anyways. By the time we get home it is dinner time and I tell everyone to *Fend for yourself* when it comes to dinner. Usually have left overs as a result.

During this break week, I started reading “The War on Christmas” as part of a review team. I’ve gotten in a few chapters, but got pretty busy starting Thursday. I plan on reading more after church today ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s an interesting book, easy to read, yet full of quite a bit of reference information. The author, Bodie Hodge does an excellent job in making all these various facts palatable to the everyday person. You can get more information about this great book by using the following web address:ย

Another thing I decided to start this week was a rookie 5K training plan. You need to be-able to at least walk 25-30 mins fairly easily before taking this one on. I found the plan on If interested, you can join for free and check it out. I’ve been a member of the site for years. I don’t always follow it, but it has so many great resources! The link is as follows:ย

Anyways, it’s back *to the grind* tomorrow…and I am looking forward to it! Have a great ‘rest of the weekend’ and I’ll see you around ๐Ÿ™‚

Reviewing the book “The War on Christmas” by Bodie Hodge

Interesting book I am reviewing right now. I’ve read a few chapters. It’s a fairly easy read, even with all the information being put forth and gives a perspective about Christmas from the point of view of a Christian who has actually done their homework. So, I suggest grabbing this book. Perhaps you wont draw all the same conclusions, but it certainly has a lot of merit and worth a closer look.


Here is a link to the book for pre-order. It is available October 1, 2013. Just in time for the holidays!