The Fruit Seller Problems.

I reblog this for more then one reason: 1. I just like the way it was written 2. It has such a fabulous idea on teaching math 3. You can glean a bit about the need for maintaining communication between you and those you love.


Mother’s Day

Perfect story for mother’s day coming up soon. A beautiful writer with an even more beautiful topic: Mother

Kim's Chronicles

Norma Haynes-Barker Norma Haynes-Barker

It is that time of year when we think of our mother’s whether they were good mother’s or not so good. I am blessed to have a GREAT mother in my life. She grew up the only girl in the family with a lot of responsibilities at home during her youth because my grannie was sick so much and my papa worked construction and often worked out of town. She became the care giver to her two younger brothers and took care of the house and so much more.

When I think of my mama I think of strength, sacrifice and compassion just to name a few. When she married my dad and started a family of her own she continued to make personal sacrifices so that her children would grow up having a better life than she did. For awhile she worked nights so that she could…

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I love the philosophy of this piece 🙂



In every religion the power of the word is recognized,so much that in some of them creation itself is said to have come out of the word.The external aspect of the thought of the god is the word,and as god thought and willed before the creation came out of the word.
Apart from the higher philosophic and religious value of the word,we may see that sound symbols play a prominent part in play of human life.
Someone talking to you,he is not touching you ,the pulsation of the air caused by his speaking go into your ear, they touch your nerves and produce effect in your mind.You can not resist it.Isn’t it wonderful.
Someone calls you a fool, you stand and slaps on his face.Suppose you are in trouble and felling miserable then one of your friend comes to you and he shares some inspiring stories with you and tell…

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